A Robot Girl Ruined My Sleepover

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Andersen Press

Lyla is thrilled when she’s chosen to be the buddy of an experimental cyborg ‘friend’, Clara 2.2. The Livewires Corporation have made sure that Clara 2.2 is shiny, sparkly and perfect in every way – so isn’t Lyla lucky?

At first Clara 2.2 makes Lyla feel very special but perhaps being a real friend means more than just agreeing with everything you say. When a long-anticipated sleepover ends in disaster, Lyla must decide who her real friends are.

If you like the idea of having PE lessons in a Low Gravity Centre, where spit balls float and you can drift through the air to your favourite music, and if getting your shopping delivered by a teleporter sounds fun, Lyla’s story is one you’ll love.

As with Lyla’s first adventure (in the funny, futuristic A Moon Girl Stole My Friend), the hi-tech innovations, like sky cars and rechargeable cats, which Lyla takes for granted in 2099 are only part of the story. What really matters are the things we all experience every day: the fights with little brothers, the annoyingness of parents and the loyalty of true friends.

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