A Month with April-May

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Publisher: Hot Key

'Life is not a bowl of cherries. Suck it up.'

April-May is intelligent, articulate, bored and very angry. As far as she is concerned, winning a scholarship place at Trinity College doesn’t make up for a fragmented family life and every setback is seen as proof that the world is against her. Finding a friend in mouth-breather Melly provides some stability but when gorgeous ‘bad boy’ Seb comes on the scene, disaster strikes for April-May and those around her.

April-May is a feisty, frustrating, yet irresistible teenager with a unique and very entertaining voice. Readers will enjoy following her account of negotiating a new school and a new family situation, learning the hard way that love and loyalty may not always come in the ways you expect and that ultimately the direction we take in life is our own responsibility.  

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