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Discover Bath, Book, Bed: simple steps to a better night's sleep

We understand how exhausting the bedtime battles can be. That's why we've devised the Bath, Book, Bed routine: a simple solution to sleepless nights.

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Did you know that a regular nightly bedtime routine is associated with improved sleep in young children? We think there's nothing better than snuggling up and sharing a soothing bedtime story to send them off to the land of nod.

Parenting expert Jo Frost says:

'We know that sleep is a number one concern for new (and not so new) families. Bath, Book, Bed is a tried and trusted way of ensuring that your little ones establish a great sleep routine - and that means you can get some rest yourself. It's why I've teamed up with BookTrust on their Bath, Book, Bed campaign.'

Read on for lots of tips, guides and advice from Jo and top authors and illustrators - you'll find information about how to get your baby to sleep, how to keep the bedtime routine going to make sure your toddler is well rested, and recommendations of our favourite bedtime stories.

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Better sleep

You're not alone: whether it's getting up several times in the night or trying to deal with children who are not settling down, sleep is one of the top concerns for UK parents.

How to get your newborn to sleep

As part of the Bath, Book, Bed campaign, parenting expert Jo Frost shares her top tips for getting your newborn to sleep.

How to get your baby to sleep

Jo Frost shares her top tips on getting your baby to sleep as part of our Bath, Book, Bed campaign.

How to get your toddler to sleep

Jo Frost shares her helpful hints about how to get your toddlers to bed, and how to get them to stay there.


Parenting expert Jo Frost answers your frequently asked questions about Bath, Book, Bed.

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Best bedtime books

See our recommended good night stories

Discover our specially selected list of perfect reads for the Bath, Book, Bed routine.

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