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Looking for book ideas and inspiration? Explore our suggestions of great reads for every age from 0 to 11, and use our Bookfinder tool to find books by age and theme.

You can also take a peek inside the Great Books Guide, our catalogue of all the best new books from last year.

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Books for 0-5s by age

Fantastic books for young children - from board books for babies to funny books for five-year-olds. Choose an age to see the full list and read our reviews.

Best books for babies 0-12 months

Babies love snuggling up close with you and listening to your voice. Here's our selection of fantastic books to try with your baby.

Best books for 1-year-olds

Board books with flaps are great for toddlers at this age. Take a peek at some of our favourite books for sharing with 1-year-olds.

Best books for 2-year-olds

Two-year-olds love joining in with actions and guessing what will happen next. We've picked out some brilliant books we think your child will love.

Best books for 3-year-olds

At three, children can often follow slightly longer stories but they'll still want to hear their old favourites again and again. Here's a selection of perfect picture books for 3-year-olds.

Best books for 4-year-olds

Why not try some of our favourite books for 4-year-olds - slightly longer stories they'll love chatting to you about. From bad bunnies to bug school, storytime giggles are guaranteed.

Best books for 5-year-olds

Five-year-olds might be starting to read on their own, but they'll still love a story. This list is packed with offbeat humour and brilliant characters. Perfect for keeping your child hooked on books.

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Looking for funny books, science books, sporty books... or something else altogether? Use our Bookfinder to search thousands of children's books by age group and theme, then read our reviews to find out more.

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Books for 6 to 11-year-olds by age

You're sure to find something spot-on in our lists of contemporary reads for children aged 6 to 11. Choose an age to see the full list and read our reviews.

12 great books for 6-year-olds

Our pick of 12 great modern books for six year olds.

12 great books for 7-year-olds

Our top 12 contemporary reads for seven year olds.

12 great books for 8-year-olds

Our favourite 12 modern-day books for eight year olds.

12 great books for 9-year-olds

Our pick of the top 12 contemporary books for nine year olds.

12 great books for 10-year-olds

12 fantastic modern-day reads for 10 year olds.

12 great books for 11-year-olds

12 great contemporary books for 11 year olds.

Great Books Guide

Our 100 favourite children's books from the past year, for teeny babies all the way up to 11 year olds. The right book is what a child wants to read – and we hope this guide helps you find it. 

View the Great Books Guide

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