Booklists beginning with: T

  • Books about teddy bears for toddlers

    Everyone loves their teddy bear! Here is a selection of heart-warming books about teddies, or about bears who are cuddly and love hugging. These stories will be ideal for sharing together when snuggled up, especially at bedtime.

  • Books about trees for 0-5

    This selection of books about trees and their inhabitants will encourage young nature lovers to look closely at their surroundings when out for a walk. From jungles to forests, owls to monkeys, children will love learning more about trees.

  • Brilliant books about summer (younger children)

    Celebrate the sun with these children's books set during the summer holidays. These books are some of our favourite children's titles about the summertime, with a wide range in terms of genre and reading age, there's something here for everyone.

  • Christmas books for teenagers

    Looking for some wintry or festive page-turners? Here's our selection of teenage books to keep you warm in the holidays. Some are the perfect cosy read. Others have storylines to get the blood pumping!

  • Favourite books about love

    Children's books are the perfect place to explore and talk about the complexities of the heart. Here are some books to get you talking about your emotions, there's something here for all ages.

  • Favourite books about time travel

    From The Time Machine to Dr Who, the ability to travel through time and change the course of history has long caught our imagination. Here are some of our favourite children's books about time travel both classic and recently published.

  • Fun back-to-school books for teenagers

    The holidays have passed, but here are some books to get you back into the school spirit. These teen books are perfect for capturing the fun, the giggles, the new beginnings and the friendships that will last you a lifetime.  

  • Great teachers in children's books

    We believe that teachers do not get the appreciation they so often deserve. That's why we've put together this booklist of our favourite teachers in children's fiction.

  • Picture books to help you talk about tough topics

    Sharing picture books and talking about the words and images you see can help you to gently introduce topics which might seem tricky to talk about at first. It also provides an opportunity to spend special one-on-one time with your child where they feel supported and listened to.

  • Summer reads for teens

    They're off from school and bored, why not get them hooked on reading this summer? Try out some of these books, there's something for everyone - whether you're after a funny book, an emotional book, a thriller, or a road trip.

  • Ten fantasy books

    Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good fantasy book. Here are some suggestions after you've exhausted Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Earthsea et al.

  • Time to Read books: past and present

    Through our Time to Read programme, we give every Reception pupil in England their own book to treasure and share at home. Here's a look at some of the fantastic picture books that we've handed out around the country, for free, over previous years.

  • Top 10 Children's Books

    You voted in your thousands to tell us your favourite books on our list of the top 100 best children's books from the last century. This is your top 10 of the best children's books from the past 100 years.

  • Top 15 books by Malorie Blackman

    Malorie Blackman was appointed as Waterstones Children's Laureate 2013-2015. Here's a list of of our favourite Malorie Blackman books.

  • Top books about toilet humour

    If your little one finds all things fart, bum, or poo-related totally hilarious, here's our pick of the top toilet-humour books!

  • Top teen/YA romance books

    Love is a classic theme in teen and Young Adult fiction, so here are some top romances to get stuck into.

  • Transgender and non-binary characters

    Discover a range of books which feature characters who identify as transgender or non-binary, or that explore themes surrounding gender identity.

  • Travel and transport

    Celebrate travel and transport around the world with these brilliant books.

  • TV shows based on children's books

    Check out our favourite kid's TV shows based on children's books. Some are classics, some are new, while others you may be suprised to find out were books first!

  • Twins

    Twins are double the trouble but double the fun! Here is a selection of thrilling stories where twins are the main characters. 

  • Twisted fairy tales

    Here's a list of some of our favourite twisted fairy tales - fun and anarchic new takes on traditional stories.

  • We love tigers

    There's a long history of tigers cropping up in children's books - and they don't only pop round for tea... Here are some of our favourite 'tiger' books for you to share with your little one, full of fantastic drawings of this iconic creature.