Zoopertown: X-Ray Rabbit

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The Zooperheroes - Crash-Bang Koala, Zip-Zap Giraffe, Snap-Crack Croc, Zoom-Zoom Zebra and X-Ray Rabbit - are about to dig into a delicious breakfast when suddenly their toast, cornflakes, waffles and pancakes all vanish. Across town, residents of Zoopertown gather in the park for the Mayor Go-Go Gorilla's birthday picnic but discover that all the goodies have disappeared too, including his extra-scrummy banana birthday cake.

The major rushes to the Zooperphone: this is a mission for the Zooperheroes, specifically X-Ray Rabbit, who has a super X-Ray power. She jumps on her Zooper Scooter, and with thanks to her sharp-sightedness, spots a trail of banana skins. The leftover peels take her across town and through a forest to the Atrocious Tower of Terror, the lair of Kaboom Baboon.

Jealous that he was not invited to the Mayor's picnic, the baboon had snatched all the treats in town, and now that he haa X-Ray Rabbit in his clutches, his destructive plan just got more menacing. Will X-Ray Rabbit be able to escape?

Using lots of fun wordplay and great use of onomatopoeia, children will love joining in with the 'kabooms', 'zooms' and 'swooshes' of this high-octane, comic book-style story.

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