Publisher: Scholastic

Pat the bat is bored. Everyone else is asleep, but Pat doesn’t want to be like everyone else, he wants to stand out. He dreams of being as special as the superheroes in his favourite comics. He dreams of being… Superbat!

With some super sewing skills Pat makes himself a superhero outfit, complete with cape and mask, and is ready to take the world by storm. But what about his superpower? Figuring that out is much trickier. He certainly has some super special skills, but the problem is all the other bats have them too. What will it take to be a real superhero?

A bright, fun story about self-belief with striking graphics that pop from the page combine to make this a brilliant and heartwarming read.

View an extract from Superbat © Matt Carr, 2017. Reproduced with permission of Scholastic Ltd

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