Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Kitty is fed up of answering phones at the Sensational Superhero Agency and dreams of catching criminals with the superhero gang. But they ALWAYS leave her behind!

Then a call comes in about a stolden dinosaur bone and Kitty takes matters into her own paws, following the superheroes in their pursuit of devious criminal Nefarious Norman! Will Kitty save the day and prove that small is MIGHTY?  

This fun story combines cute animals with a lively crime caper. Like a picture book version of the animated film Zootopia, it is sure to delight and hearten mini-ones who relate to talked-down-to Kitty. 

Amid all the chaos, there's a sweet message about everyone having their own strengths and talents to contribute – and that you shouldn't make assumptions about somebody at first sight. Just like Kitty, your child should always believe in their abilities and keep doing the things they love...

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