WyrmeWeald: Returners Wealth

Publisher: Corgi Children's

Heartbroken Micah runs away from the flat, featureless plains to climb the distant inhospitable mountains in search of returner's wealth - priceless gemstones, precious metals and strange, terrifying wyrmes.

Micah faces death several times as he travels though the wyrmeweald but his new companion, solitary cragclimber Eli Halfwinter teaches him the art of survival. From Eli he also learns about bravery, loyalty and friendship.

Micah also encounters evil wyve collectors, trail thieves and wealdwalkers whose lessons are about cowardice, betrayal and greed. However, it is his meeting with the kingirl, Thrace, which introduces Micah to love.

A gripping fantasy full of suspense, violence and surprising acts of kindness.The reader becomes hooked, as if speared by a kinlance.

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