Wyrmeweald: Bloodhoney

Publisher: Corgi

In the Wyrmeweald, there are Kith, Kin, and Keld. The Kith are pioneers who roam and settle in the Weald's high plains and valleys, trapping Wyrmes and scrabbling a hard living from the earth. The Kin are those humans who enter into a mystical bond with Wyrmes, eating and sleeping and living together. And the Keld are the terrifying face of evil, cannibal witches living in caves, a danger to both Keld and Kin. And, of course, there are the Wyrmes themselves: magnificent dragons in all shapes and sizes, with their own language and mysterious folkways.

It is in this world that Micah, a young Kith, finds himself overwintering in a cave with Eli, a hard-bitten frontiersman, and Thrace, the mysterious Kin girl that Micah loves. But soon, their hibernation is shattered: the Kelds that they defeated before they arrived here have sent the Winter Caller after them. A monstrous killer who cannot be stopped, the Winter Caller has been atsked with exacting revenge. Slowly.

Bloodhoney is the second book in the Wyrmeweald trilogy, and sees Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell expand their haunting, gothic, intricate world. The Weald is a fantastic creation: part fantasy, part Western, and all magic. It's as gritty and unforgiving a place as Westeros and as touched with enchantment as Middle Earth, but the stories it tells - of the encounter of old and new, of pioneers and natives, or man and nature - are the stories that built our own world. This is classic YA fantasy: fast-paced, tender, funny and terrifying all at once.

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