Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

This picture book from  Emily Gravett is an absolute joy. From the carefully-crafted endpapers (rabbity-inspired postcards and letters on a coconut-matting doormat) to the removable library card in its own rabbit-embossed cardboard holder - and on all the pages in between - it is a loving homage to reading, libraries and the library-going experience.

The pencil-and-crayon illustrations are detailed, witty, expressive and beautifully produced on high quality paper that makes turning every page a delight, and the interaction between the two sets of pictures (one set detailing rabbit's reading experience, the other the wolf's) is perfect.

This is a humorous, highly imaginative and original picture book and even comes with an alternative vegetarian ending! 

Wolves won the 2005 Kate Greenaway Medal.

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