Where in the World Are You?

Publisher: What on Earth Books

The lovely black cat in this book is playing under a wobbly table, but that table is on a blue rug in a yellow room in a colourful flat. More than that, the flat is on a cheerful street in a crowded city on planet Earth which spins around the scorching Sun. Wow!

Using a clever but clear and understandable concept, Where in the World Are You? introduces little ones to the idea of what lies beyond their immediate environment, placing houses into the context of streets and neighbourhoods and beyond, coming back again to the same cat under the table. Arguably, a four year old might have trouble understanding the concept of an expanding universe, which comes towards the end of the book, but at the very least they can hear the phrase and file it away for future understanding.

The clear, graphic illustration on every double page spread takes the reader through every careful step, with a nice bold font which is easy to read and cute and colourful pictures. Lovely!

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