Where Björn Belongs

Publisher: Owlet Press

Arthur finds Christmas time very noisy, with flashing lights and a lot of bustle. He clutches Barney, his polar bear, wherever he goes. But one day he loses Barney! Mum suggests he asks Father Christmas for a new polar bear, and Arthur promises that if he does get another bear, he’ll never let it go – ever. So the letter is written, and Arthur wakes up on Christmas Day to find snow and a baby polar bear in his garden!

Arthur calls the bear Björn because it means ‘bear’ in lots of snowy countries, and they play together. Björn sleeps on frozen peas in the spring, and in a bath of ice in the summer. Yet when Christmas comes round again, it’s clear that Björn is too big to live happily with Arthur. But what about Arthur’s promise?

With the gentle message that animals need what is best for them, and a nod to the classic characters The Snowman and Paddington Bear, this is a charming story. It also acknowledges that not everyone is excited by all the bustle and noise before Christmas as this can be rather overwhelming. Mirna Imamović’s illustrations are warm, soft and full of character, and the endpapers showcase over 13 Arctic animals.

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