Snow Bear

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Snowbear trudges wearily through the snow. All he wants is a winter home but he discovers everywhere is occupied. Fox and her cubs are already snuggled up warmly in one dark, dry hollow, and owl and her chicks occupy the warm cosy hole in the crooked old tree.

Just as he's beginning to despair, a distant farmhouse appears, windows aglow from the fire within. Snowbear creeps inside and finds a lonely little girl. Delighted, she sweeps Snowbear up into a hug; they play games and read stories all afternoon then doze off gently into the happiest, friendliest midwinter sleep.

The rhyming text liltingly echoes Snowbear's footsteps, plodding from loneliness to reassuring companionship, with boldly coloured painted brush-strokes accompanying this simple story of finding friendship and home.

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