We Have a Dream

Meet 30 Young Indigenous People and People of Colour Protecting the Planet

Publisher: Magic Cat

Climate change disproportionately affects indigenous communities and people of colour, yet these groups are significantly under-represented within the environmental movement. This inspirational book highlights the extraordinary achievements of 30 young climate activists of colour and from indigenous cultures around the world. Although passionate about a diverse range of topics, they are united by their determination to make a difference and protect the environment for future generations.

Each double page introduces a different campaigner and explores what prompted them to become activists, provides an overview of their accomplishments and outlines their dreams for a better world. These include access to clean drinking water for First Nation communities in Canada, eradicating deforestation and evoking change in environmental government policies.

This fabulous picture book for older children is a wonderful addition to the increasing array of books on environmental activism. While it celebrates diversity in the environmental sector, it also emphasises how much more work needs to be done.

Stylishly designed, the text is set against a background of earthy tones and accompanied by a striking portrait of each activist. Attractive and accessible, it will appeal to any reader with an interest in environmental issues and is particularly empowering for a BAME audience.

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