Earth’s Aquarium

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

This stunning non-fiction picture book explores a diverse range of aquatic environments, from coral reefs to mudflats. The fascinating introduction discusses some of the variables which shape underwater habitats and determine what lives there, for example the salinity and density of the water, light penetration, currents and pressure.

Each of the 15 informative chapters focuses on a different body of water: one double-page spread features a specific place, while the next showcases some of the typical creatures and plants which are found in this type of setting. Detailed descriptions accompany the wonderful artwork, bringing each watery scene to life.

Children will learn about a broad range of waterways, such as the salt marshes of the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe in the Netherlands, which are home to different species of clams, grasses and the rare sea aster mining bee.

As well as presenting the beauty and wonder of each habitat, the book highlights the devasting effects pollution and climate change are having on these extraordinary environments. Combining a wealth of engaging information with sophisticated illustrations, this is an outstanding resource for any reader with an interest in wild water.

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