Sounds of the Skies

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

This delightful, nonfiction sound book introduces birds from different habitats from around the world. Listen to the song of the Chinese nightingale, the hunting call of the mighty bald eagle, or the nighttime hoot of a tawny owl by pressing the highlighted circles on the page.

Although called Sounds of the Skies, there is a lot more here than just birds and their calls: on each double page there are also illustrations and information about other creatures living in the same habitat as the featured bird, and of course some interesting facts about the bird itself. Ten different habitats and birds are included, from the Amazon rainforest to the Bhutan Black Mountains and the Tanzanian Serengeti. At the back, there’s also a map showing where all those habitats are around the world, and some information on endangered species.

Beautifully illustrated with eye-catching pages and simple yet fascinating facts there is lots to learn and lots of fun to be had with the sounds. Readers might like to think about which bird song they think is the most beautiful or which is the funniest or the most surprising!

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