Ways to Say I Love You

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

There are so many ways to say ‘I love you’. This book moves from babyhood, when your adult will hug and feed and tickle you, and wrap you up warmly, to toddlerhood, when they will teach you how to put on your shoes, be silly with you, and listen to you. And it’s not just adults showing you they love you – big brothers and sisters do too. And you can do the same. A hug for a friend. A wave and a smile. We can say ‘I love you’ in so many ways. How will you say ‘I love you’ today?

This thoughtful, gentle book is perfect for sharing together before bedtime. Babies and children will enjoy spotting the things that their families do, and that they’ve seen others do. The challenge to the young child at the end – how will you show someone you care? – is a nice note to end on, and will hopefully instigate a hug. The soft, warm illustrations depict a wide variety of families in a very natural, inclusive way. There are families with two mums, a single dad, a mum in a wheelchair, and even children wearing hearing aids, all showing their love. A warm hug of a book.

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