Loves Makes a Family

Publisher: Little Tiger

This striking rainbow-coloured board book explores, through simple text, how love manifests itself in families of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. From an early morning serenade to stories at bedtime, it’s not just the hugs and kisses that shine through. 

What about the love that always knows where things are? Or makes a very special birthday cake, or finds the biggest puddles to splash in then helps to clean up the mess afterwards? The love that chases away monsters and claps enthusiastically just when it’s needed?

But it’s the bright, vibrant illustrations packed with fascinating detail that carry the central message. Whether a family has two mums, two dads, one of each or a single parent, it’s the love that is shown and shared that makes a family.

Grown-ups who share this book will find it hard not to chuckle as they recognise themselves in the long-suffering but joyful love-givers in its twelve double pages. A family is not a quota of mums and dads, a family is love. 

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