Time to Get Dressed

Publisher: Featherstone

There are all different kinds of clothes: some keep you toasty warm, some keep you dry, and some are cosy for bedtime. Not just that, but most clothes have a front and a back, and a lot of the time, there’s an order for how we put our clothes on. It’s a lot to remember!

Thankfully, this useful little book is made with little ones in mind that are learning to get dressed by themselves, and comes with some helpful tips for parents at the end such as helping children to get dressed by laying out their clothes in order, starting by sitting on the floor and building extra time into your routine for dressing and undressing until they get the hang of it.

It’s a small picture book and so more portable than larger story books, and there are plenty of questions within the book that enable parents to start little conversations about clothes and getting dressed with little ones. For example, you can point to pictures of clothes and say which things you wear, which are the front and backs of clothes, and talk about which order a little boy will put his clothes on.

Featuring a nicely diverse mix of children in the bright illustrations, and plenty of reassurance that this is something children can definitely get the hang of, Time to Get Dressed is a cheery, helpful little book which will be of great help to parents, carers, childminders and nursery practitioners.

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