Publisher: Oxford University Press

Sometimes being small is just no fun. A young boy wishes he was big like his older brother. At night, his dream comes true and he’s finally big enough to reach the cookie jar on the highest shelf and enjoy the most exciting ride at the theme park.

Soon, he’s a GIANT and big enough to swing from a rainbow, swim with whales and sit on top the city’s tallest tower. But as he continues getting bigger and bigger, he starts to panic. He’s getting too big – too big even for earth. When he wakes up, he’s relieved that he’s small again, and the perfect size to be picked up and cuddled by loving arms.

Sav Akyüz has created a beautifully illustrated, mostly wordless story. With less than 30 words, this book is great for developing literacy skills. Children will love using their imagination to think about what they would do if they were BIG too. Early readers can learn how to retell the story in their own words, encouraging creativity, language play, and vocabulary development. For older readers, the illustrations can become writing prompts, encouraging them to think more deeply about story plots.

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