La La La

Publisher: Walker Books

This almost wordless picture book communicates its touching message through striking artwork. A young girl sings a single note, "La", but no one responds. She wanders through an open doorway into an autumnal environment of golden yellows, rich ochres and vibrant greens. Here, she sings expectantly to the lake, trees and plants, but still no one answers, so she returns inside, dejected. As night falls, she ventures outside again, this time into a stunning moonlit landscape of rich purple hues. She sings her solitary song to the moon, but surely it is too far away to hear her.

A poignant tale of how, with hope and perseverance, loneliness can be transformed into joy and companionship. The limited use of text creates an atmosphere where the reader experiences the vast silence alongside the little girl. It is a perfect book to share with children to prompt discussion about emotions, friendship and the need to be heard, and is also ideal to inspire creative writing, artwork, music or drama.

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