The Wrong Train

Publisher: David Fickling Books


A boy runs flat out to catch the last train home. He does it every day but tonight something isn't quite right - although it takes a while before he realises he's somehow got on the wrong train.

He gets off at the first stop, which is dark and deserted, where a man walking his dog nearby stops and offers to tell him stories to pass the time. Although seemingly unexceptional, the stories become more unsettling and sinister until the boy is desperate to escape an unspecified and invisible threat.    

The stories that make up this book will sneak up on you, crawl under your skin, follow you around and haunt your dreams …or should that be nightmares? Readers with a nervous disposition should definitely give this one a miss - but those who like to live dangerously will be thrilled (and chilled) by a masterpiece in suspense and horror writing.

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