The World’s Worst Children 2

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: HarperCollins

David Walliams discovers ten more disgusting, disgraceful, dirty, devilish children for his latest book. Meet Humbert the Hungry Baby, who flattens his pram, munches his bodyweight in marshmallows, gobbles up the cat, a squad of police cars and even his mother. Fussy Frankie never eats ranky danky rhubarb, or any fruit or vegetable, flinging them out the window at the flashing, fizzling nuclear power station up the road. Will the glowing giant vegetables have the final word? Who’s next? Trish the Troll who squishes people? Cruel Clarissa, Competitive Colin or the infuriating No No Noe, who never says yes?

A wicked selection of Walliams’ Dahl-esque stories with wonderful illustrations from the multi-award-winning Tony Ross. Reading about these beastly brats, parents may decide their kids are quite angelic, after all…

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