Kitty Quest

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Kittens Woolfrik and Perigold set up a monster-hunting stall, although business is slow, as there appear to be no monsters on the islands of Pawdor.

Their first case turns out to be a plumbing issue rather than a fearsome beast but the grateful customer insists on paying them with a sparkly jewel. Thinking it is worthless, Perigold tosses the gem into the slime pond, and a mystical tower rises up from the sludge. The tower’s ghostly guardian, Earl Mortimore, explains that he is a member of the ancient Guild of Kitquaroo, a troupe of brave wizards and warriors, whose task was to banish all dastardly enemies from the islands.

When an enormous monster appears from nowhere and rampages through the town, Earl Mortimore provides the kittens with some nifty weapons and useful advice, and they enthusiastically confront the creature. The dynamic duo must also face their somewhat inept nemesis, Dagzobad the Demonhearted, whose schemes never quite work out, despite his determination to cause mayhem.

This hilarious comic-strip tale is quirky, colourful and fun. With plenty of riotous action on every page, readers will laugh out loud at the witty quips and zany antics of the oddball feline characters.

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