Bad Panda

Publisher: Faber & Faber

What makes a panda turn bad? Well, Lin has tried being good and doing all the right things and where has it got her? Thousands of miles away from her beloved brother, Face-Like-A-Bag-Of-Potatoes, is where.

At home in the panda sanctuary, Lin was the cutesiest, wootsiest, fluffiest, wuffiest baby, while her brother looked like he’d been spun too fast in a washing machine.
Being cute had her sent to be the cuddly face of a foreign zoo. So maybe being bad will get her sent home?

But scaring pigeons (lots of them), doing the stinkiest farts she can manage and kicking over piles of bamboo just make people think she’s cuter than ever. Time to take Mission Bad Panda to the next level.

Anyone who’s ever been cuddled, smooshed or had their hair mussed up one too many times will empathise with poor Lin who is sick and tired of being adorable.

Lin and her new friend Fu put serious thought, planning and effort into their badness and their hilarious exploits are illustrated on every page. With widely spaced text and a distinctive red/grey colour palette this is an ideal story for newly confident readers.

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