The Unexpected Tale of the Bad Brothers

Publisher: Usborne

Life for Bastien and the other boys who live at the Orphanage for Gentils Garçons has improved drastically since the evil former director, Xavier Odieux, was locked away for despicable crimes. But just when things seem to be going well, his arch-nemesis comes back to haunt him.

A jailbreak, a series of terrible fires and the seemingly unstoppable rise of a dangerous man threaten the safety, not just of Bastien, but of the whole of Paris.

Bastien suspects that he holds the key to bringing down the odious Odieux brothers but he still needs the help of his loyal friends – and a mysterious street urchin in battered ballet pumps.

Set in 1920s Paris, the plot in this energetic thriller is absurdly farfetched but there is a great cast of characters. Readers who enjoy collecting clues and trying to ‘join the dots’ to work out how the baddies can be defeated will enjoy the chase.

This is the second adventure for Bastien Bonlivre. Although the story works as a stand-alone adventure, and earlier events are explained, readers are likely to get maximum enjoyment if they have read the first book, The Unexpected Tale of Bastien Bonlivre.

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