The Chestnut Roaster

Publisher: Everything With Words

Piaf has a unique mind. She can remember absolutely everything that has happened since the moment she was born. So, when a stranger claims he knows her and wants her to go with him, she knows he is lying. She has never seen the man before in her life.

And when she notices that the girl with him is attached by a chain she makes a speedy escape.

Piaf gradually becomes aware that no one else in Paris has any memory of the preceding year. Not of the building of the Eiffel Tower or the disappearance of several gifted children. And she is certain this has something to do with the sinister stranger. 

A refreshingly original mystery thriller set in 19th century Paris against the backdrop of preparations for the Exposition Mondiale (World Fair). With the action divided between the streets of the city and the labyrinth of tunnels hidden beneath, the atmosphere is tense, claustrophobic and utterly gripping.

Punctuated with mystical illustrations that reflect the turmoil in Piaf’s mind and the physical tics she uses to control her overwhelming memories, this is the story of a girl whose outward fragility conceals a heart that is fierce, determined and brave.

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