The True Colours of Coral Glen

Publisher: Scholastic

Gran was Coral’s best friend and confidante. And Coral let her down. Badly.

Since Gran died, Coral can’t think about anything else and would give the world to see Gran just once more and say how sorry she is.

So when a strange boy, who seems to live in the graveyard with a talking gargoyle, offers her just that opportunity, she agrees to do something in return that could cost her own life.

The loss of a beloved grandparent is often the first experience we have of bereavement and that part of Coral’s story may be familiar to many readers.

What most of us haven’t experienced is a dangerous quest to help prevent the resurrection of a heart-collecting serial killer. Or an encounter with an ancient, vengeful witch. Or a narrow escape from a cave-dwelling cannibal. Or a rather spiky relationship with a sarcastic, razor-toothed worm.

A skilful blend of the deeply human, imaginatively supernatural and darkly comic ensure that Coral’s story will have a very broad appeal.

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