Ajay and the Mumbai Sun

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Publisher: Chicken House

The railway kids of Mumbai look out for one another. Each of them is a victim of circumstances that have left them living on a railway platform and surviving by begging, sorting through rubbish or working in factories.

But Ajay has bigger ambitions. What he wants more than anything is to be a journalist. And when he uncovers a scandal that threatens to evict thousands of the poorest people of the city from their homes, he knows he has an important story to tell.

Having overcome the practical problems of printing his paper, he is disappointed to discover that not everyone is interested in social injustice - but they are interested in cricket. So to get his message across, he needs to organise the most important cricket match ever.

Not all heroes have medals. Many are just ordinary people doing the right thing whatever the cost. And Ajay and his crew definitely come into that category as, despite the poverty, corruption and social inequality that grind them down, they are Intelligent, adaptable, determined and resilient.

This is a book to make you smile, laugh out loud, recoil in horror and then stand up, cheer and thump the air.

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