The Stuff of Nightmares

Publisher: Random House

Kyle and his mates are looking forward to a good day out on a school trip when their train is involved in an horrific crash and ends up dangling over a precipice.

Kyle seems to be the only one conscious in the twisted and mangled wreckage, but how long can he survive when death is stalking the carriages looking for him?

As he finds himself drawn into the nightmares of those around him, Kyle becomes aware that he is not the only one who knows about fear and terror, but will this give him the strength to face his demons or will he be consumed forever by the nightmares of his past?

In this seriously creepy book, Malorie Blackman keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they are flung from one terrifying experience to the next.

A compelling read, which should only be attempted with the lights on and is not suitable for younger readers.

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