The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Publisher: Orion

Flick isn’t at all impressed when her family moves to a rural village but, whilst exploring her new surroundings, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a strange, dusty old shop.

What she finds inside is even stranger; racks and racks of suitcases and an odd young man who seems to carry the troubles of the world on his shoulders but has a peculiar talent for magic tricks. And when Flick takes a look at the world outside through an unusual piece of glass, she discovers that he’s not the only one with hidden abilities. So begins her adventure with Jonathan Mercator and the Strangeworlds travel agency where, to find the most amazing worlds you could ever dream of, you just have to step into a suitcase.

Original, thrilling and magical, the first in a series of fantasy stories featuring the Strangeworlds travel agency opens the door, or rather the suitcase, to wildly imaginative lands and curious characters, not all of whom are friendly. Flick's adventure has moments of real jeopardy, as she embarks on a quest not only to rescue someone who has been lost, but to save the very fabric of our world. 

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