The Land of Roar

(10 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Farshore

Twins Arthur and Rose loved staying with Grandad and would spend days in the Land of Roar where dragons, mermaids and ninja wizards kept them safe from the sinister scarecrow, Crowky.

Now they are 11, Rose spends hours on her phone and worries about fitting in and Arthur, despite the scar on his wrist where he was bitten by a dragon, has almost forgotten about Roar. But then a mysterious figure appears at the attic window, an old map turns up, and Grandad vanishes...

It seems ridiculous but could Roar be real after all? And can Rose and Arthur find Grandad before he is lost forever?

This clever and intriguing mix of reality and fantasy is packed with tension, excitement and wild imagination.

As Rose and Arthur grow up, and grow apart, their relationship begins to fracture but shared experiences, and love for Grandad, still connect them. And, as each faces insecurities about leaving childhood behind, a positive message normalises anxiety and how to manage it.

With echoes of Jumanji and Peter Pan, and a final showdown to equal anything Indiana Jones had to deal with, this is a true page-turner.

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