The Sad Ghost Club

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Publisher: Hodder

A sad ghost debates whether to go to a party that, seemingly, everyone at school has been invited to. On one hand, he doesn’t want to be the only one that didn’t go, but on the other, the thought of going to a party fills him with anxiety. Eventually, he plucks up enough courage and decides to go.

At the party, Sad Ghost finds Socks, another ghost that finds it hard to connect with the others. Slowly, they start to lower their defences and find that they have a lot in common, from an interest in animals to a shared experience of loneliness and depression. Can two sad ghosts reach out to others like them and find their kindred spirits?

This charming, heartwarming graphic novel by Lize Meddings would appeal to anyone from about ten upwards, but it probably has most appeal to those at secondary school who can relate to what it’s like to be outside the popular group, or to anyone – adults included - who has ever felt nervous about social interactions. Despite being a story with depression as a theme, ultimately it’s about the power of friendship to help us step outside our loneliness, and the joy found in making communities of like-minded souls. There’s no troublesome content at all, and a rather heartwarming ending.

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