No Fixed Address

Publisher: Andersen Press

Felix hasn’t always lived in a van. In fact, there was a time when his life was happy, settled and secure. And, to be fair, living in the van over the summer had been fun. A bit of an adventure.

Four months later, as winter begins in earnest, the novelty has most definitely worn off and Felix is beginning to realise that, although his mum is a great person, she may not be a great parent. But if he can get accepted as a contestant on Canada’s biggest quiz show, maybe he can be the one to turn their fortunes around?

Felix’s story is hard to put down and, while it doesn’t shy away from the grim reality of "accidental" homelessness, this gritty, contemporary issue is tackled with sensitivity and gentle humour.

As the problem of families finding themselves homeless becomes more common, there is a message here about not being judgemental, and also about the redemptive power of kindness.

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