Orbiting Jupiter

(5 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Andersen Press

Jack's parents foster difficult children. When Joseph arrives, he seems like any other eighth grader. But he's been in Stone Mountain Juvenile Detention and he's also a father.

Joseph slowly adapts to the family's farm routines. He doesn't look at you when he talks, he hates being touched - but Jack knows he's all right because the cows like him.

Finally, one cold, starlit night, Joseph shares his troubled story: of the girl he loved, and their child, Jupiter. As trouble at school escalates, Jack defends him - but Joseph can't flee his past.

The poetic, uncluttered prose of this short beautiful novel resonates for a long time. Joseph's story ends heart-breakingly but he experiences love and a glimpse of redemption with Jack's family, who are equally changed by him.

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