The Red Gloves and other stories

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Publisher: Firefly

Have you ever been in a changing room and wondered about the other people you cross paths with there? Do they have secrets that no one else knows about? And if one of them asked you to swap lives, just for a while, would you do it?

And have you ever stopped to think about dreams? Really think about them. Most of us have had dreams that seem so real that we think we’re awake or dreams we are desperate to leave if only we could wake up. But what if you couldn’t wake up?

Fear often has its roots in familiarity and this great collection of nine creepy short stories exploits that fact by having just enough relatable, real-life content to make them almost believable. A masterful mix of truth and the supernatural will leave readers feeling discomfited and looking over their shoulders for whatever it is they can’t quite see, long after they’ve finished reading.

Drawing inspiration from myths, legends and ancient tales, readers can expect hauntings, otherworldly visions and inexplicable happenings. Although the stories are more unsettling than outright scary, it might be best to read them with the lights up bright – just in case.

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