The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods

Publisher: Usborne

Gran is sure Poppy will be perfectly safe if she follows the rules: keep the sugar locked away, bring in all washing before six o’clock even if it’s still wet and, finally, lock the windows at night, close the curtains and never, ever, dust the windowsills.

At first, Poppy isn’t sure if she believes the stories of the many children who have disappeared from Suds over the years but, one by one, they have faded away and then vanished completely. And no one knows where they went.

What Poppy and her new friend Erasmus do know is that there is something very peculiar lurking in Riddling Woods... But are they brave enough to find out what?

This deliciously dark and creepy modern fairy tale is exceptional in its plotting, characterisation and imagination. For maximum tension and thrills, try reading under the covers by torchlight. Readers of a nervous disposition should restrict reading to daylight hours only. But do make sure the windows are locked.

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