The Life and Time of Lonny Quicke

Publisher: Nosy Crow

The buzzing can come over Lonny Quicke at any time and, when it happens, he’ll do anything to make it stop, even if it means losing some of his life. Because Lonny Quicke is a lifeling and has the power to prevent death.

Lonny and his family must keep his gift a secret, so they live in isolation in the middle of the forest. Above all, they must not venture into Farstoke, where the people are dangerous and will steal all the life that Lonny has to give. At least that’s what Lonny has always been told...

In this stunning and contemporary fairy tale, the secrets, half-truths and myths that have surrounded Lonny family for years are gradually exposed and explored when Lonny ventures into the real world. Unsure which threats are real and which are imagined, his struggle to do the right thing reflects the decisions we all have to make when faced with difficult choices.

Thought-provoking, tense, scary and full of love, this is a story that will stay with readers long after it’s finished.

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