The Naughtiest Unicorn: Unicorn School Rules!

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Publisher: Farshore

Mira has often dreamt of the day she’ll go through the Magic Portal to Unicorn School. She has imagined being paired with Princess Delilah Sparklehoof as her unicorn best friend but what she actually gets is Dave.

Dave isn’t sparkly. Or friendly. Or cooperative. Instead, he’s greedy. And farts and poos a lot. But, being a born optimist, Mira tries to make the best of things even though Dave is more interested in food than magical quests and medals.

With the rest of the class away on a glitter-collection expedition, Mira is beginning to lose all hope of making a positive impression at Unicorn School. But when the unicorn world is threatened, she and Dave might be the only ones who can protect it.

Hilarious black-and-white illustrations complement this humorous fantasy adventure. Featuring unicorns of many colours, as well as tons of glitter, lots of rainbows and plenty of farting and poo, there are also underlying themes of diversity, inclusion and positivity.

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