Lavinia and the Magic Ring

Publisher: Catnip

It’s Christmas Eve. Poor little Lavinia is cold, homeless and hungry and desperately trying to make a few pennies by selling matches to the last-minute shoppers. But, to them, she seems invisible.

When a fairy steps out of a taxi and offers a magic ring in exchange for a match, Lavinia can’t believe her luck. But the ring has a very specific and unusual power: it can turn absolutely anything into poo.

After overcoming her initial revulsion, Lavinia learns how to use the ring’s power to get exactly what she wants – until she gets a bit too big for her boots and ends up in a very sticky (and smelly) predicament.

Lavinia is an interesting character, initially inspiring pity, then censure, and finally, respect. Not one for the squeamish, this humorous modern-day fairy tale for young readers is inspired by the classic story of The Little Match Girl but without the tragic ending and featuring enormous quantities of stinky poo.

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