Unicorn Academy: Isabel and Cloud

Publisher: Nosy Crow


Isabel’s patience with Cloud is running low. Her special unicorn seems unexciting compared to Scarlett’s, whose magic has already been revealed. When her competitive streak gets the better of her, things go from bad to worse for Isabel as she upsets her friends. Then, when a prank she plays on Mrs Nettle’s niece backfires, Isabel is threatened with expulsion and the realisation she may not graduate from Unicorn Academy sinks in.

Dark clouds loom over Unicorn Academy too as an evil spell threatens the academy. Luckily Isabel chances upon a possible solution to save the school and along with it, her friendships and her reputation. She takes a big risk and sets off to find a special stone which holds the key to saving Unicorn Island.

Magic and sparkle is sprinkled throughout this book, but it’s essentially about what many primary school children struggle with: jealousy, bullying and friendships. Each girl in this book has her own unique personality, and they’re all from different backgrounds so young readers will want to read the whole series to find their favourite! This bite-sized chapter book is ideal for those who want to squeeze in a quick read or those still getting the hang of chapter books.

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