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Publisher: Welbeck Flame

Cassie dreams of escaping the dreary boarding school where she was left by her mother seven years ago, finding solace in her books about fantastical Faerie myths. When she finally makes a bid for freedom, she’s surprised to find that the world outside contains secrets every bit as magical as her stories – at least, if being chased by goblins, befriending a talking cat, and being rescued by an enchanted broomstick are anything to go by!

Spirited away to the ancestral home she never knew she had, Cassie makes another incredible discovery - she is a descendent of the Hedgewitches, the powerful witches sworn to protect Britain from the Hedge, the gateway to the Faerie realm. Her aunt Miranda, the current Hedgewitch, is keen for Cassie to learn the art of witchcraft too, and so Cassie enrols at the nearby coven where she meets a host of kind and friendly young witches all eager to perfect their potions and learn to fly.

As Cassie’s powers grow, she can feel the call of something dark and ancient pulling her towards the Hedge and the land of Faerie. Could it be that deep in the forbidden wood lies the secret to her mother’s disappearance?

There’s more than a little of Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch about this endearing magical adventure, packed full of mystery and imagination (and occasionally, a little spookiness in the deep dark Hedge). Skye McKenna has created an inspiring heroine in Cassie, who is tough and headstrong despite struggling with the worry that she’s not a good enough witch for her fearsome aunt Miranda to be proud of her; and from the mischievous imps to the gruesome goblins to the paper-munching Bookwyrm, there are dozens of fascinating creatures to meet in this gorgeous fantasy adventure. Young readers will be donning their own black hats and practising their runes just like Cassie in no time.

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