The Littlest Yak: The New Arrival

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Gertie, the littlest yak, is thrilled to learn that she will soon have a baby sibling. She immediately starts to prepare, painting a welcome banner with glittery pens and knitting a bib, which is rather tricky with hooves. Granny Hilda explains the importance of big-sister-sharing, so Gertie gathers together lots of her belongings for the yakling, from an impressive assortment of pinecones to her extensive book collection, with suitably yak-related titles.

While waiting for the new arrival, a worrying wobble stirs in Gertie’s tummy, as she realises that she’ll have to share the most precious thing of all: Mummy! Gertie panics that there won’t be enough room in Mummy's heart for two little yaks.

Celebrating the unconditional love between parent and child, this delightfully funny tale carries the heart-warming message that a bigger family means there is more love to go around. Perfect to read aloud, the rhyming text provides pace and rhythm. The crisp illustrations are full of warmth and humour, featuring snowy landscapes and a characterful herd of yaks sporting a stylish range of woolly knits. Gertie is a sensitive, thoughtful protagonist and her experiences will help to reassure young children who are expecting their own new sibling.

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