No More Babies

Publisher: Oxford

Sofia is not having a good day. Earlier, her little brother Arlo destroyed her building block masterpiece and at lunchtime he threw food everywhere. But perhaps Mummy and Daddy’s news will help cheer her up? They tell Sofia that she’s going to be a big sister again. Oh…

Suddenly, Sofia's cheeks turn red, and she shouts: 'NO MORE BABIES!'

When Sofia’s parents ask her why she’s so upset, she tells them that babies are messy, noisy and SMELLY. Worst of all, they steal Mummy and Daddy’s time. After a big family hug and some special alone time with her parents, Sofia begins to realise that Arlo isn’t so bad and that maybe having another baby around wouldn’t be so terrible, after all.

The arrival of a new brother or sister can be unsettling for a child, and coping with the worrying emotions that arise as a result can be very challenging for little ones. This funny, reassuring book deals with the potential worries around a new baby in the family, and is ideal for preparing a child for a new arrival. No More Babies is also a great example of how helpful it can be to open up about your feelings and could be a great book to read with little ones who are struggling to come to terms with any big change in the family. 

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