New Baby

Publisher: Little Tiger

Bilal and Sofia, who are perhaps around three or four, are excited that Mum – Ammi – is going to have a new baby. Bilal plans to share all his favourite animals with the new baby, and Sofia says she is going to teach the baby how to make rockets.

When Ammi starts to get tired and nap more because of the growing baby, Bilal and Sofia’s dad, Baba, explains to them that as a family they have to work as a team and look after Ammi.

When the baby – Farhan - comes, Bilal and Sofia realise that sharing Ammi and Baba with anyone is harder than they thought. There are a few difficult moments as the twins adjust to their new brother, but there is still a place for everyone.

Many books about getting used to a new baby in the family are aimed at toddlers, so it’s nice to see a family with older twins featured in this book, especially with a mixed-race family. It’s also good to see Ammi portrayed realistically (i.e. tired) as her pregnancy progresses, which all expectant mums of second, third or fourth children will appreciate!

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