The Last Mapmaker

Publisher: Walker Books

In the Kingdom of Mangkon, ancestry is everything, so 12-year-old Sai knows that she must hide her family’s criminal connections if she is to build herself a better future. She secures a position as assistant to renowned Master Mapmaker, Paiyoon Wongyai, who teaches her the intricate art of creating exquisite maps using traditional techniques. As 20 years of war come to an end, the Queen commissions her finest naval ships to explore the globe and claim new territories in her name. Vast rewards are on offer for those who return with a map of their discoveries, so Sai seizes the opportunity to join one of the expeditions as Paiyoon’s apprentice.

On the voyage, Sai hears extraordinary tales of treacherous oceans, mythical lands and monstrous beasts, but she also discovers that danger lurks aboard the ship too. She must decide whom she can trust and what she is willing to risk in order to make her fortune.

This Thai-inspired fantasy adventure, packed full of peril and intrigue, is a thrilling and thought-provoking read. As well as highlighting the inequalities formed by wealth and class, the novel also prompts readers to consider the ethical, social and environmental implications of colonialism.

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