City of Stolen Magic

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Publisher: Puffin

It is 1855 and the magic which was widely practised in India is being rapidly eradicated under British rule. Chompa’s mother, Ammi, is an expert in writing magic, but Chompa finds it slow and laborious, and much prefers the immediacy of finger magic, which comes easily to her.

When Ammi is kidnapped by the British, Chompa is devastated and does everything she can to track her down. She is relieved when Mohsin, an old friend of Ammi’s, offers to assist with the search and helps Chompa to develop her remarkable magical skills. Their quest takes them from a rural Indian village to the bustling city of Dacca, and then across the sea to the grimy streets of London’s East End. Chompa discovers that ruthless businessman, Sir Clive Devaynes, is exploiting those with magical skills to increase his power and wealth, but she must tread carefully, as his influence is far-reaching and danger lurks around every corner.

This imaginative debut novel is bursting with dynamic characters, atmospheric locations and a fast-paced plot. There are also parallels with real historical events, when Britain colonised India and exploited its people and riches, resulting in widespread poverty, famine and enslavement.

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