The Thief of Farrowfell

Publisher: Faber

Desperate to impress her criminal family, 12-year-old Jude Ripon steals some rare magic from the Westons, one of the most powerful families in Farrowfell. Jude is infuriated when she realises that the magic is protected by a curse, which can only be lifted by returning it to the rightful owners. Unfortunately, this is impossible, as Mr and Mrs Weston have been missing for over a year. Reluctantly, Jude agrees to help the Weston children, Fin and Eri, to find their parents, as she knows this is the only way she can shake off the curse.

The three children hunt for clues and piece together evidence, while taking care to avoid the Lilthrum, blood-thirsty monsters formed from raw magic, whose deadly attacks on people have been increasing at an alarming rate. As Jude spends more time with Fin and Eri, she is surprised as she experiences friendship and kindness for the first time. She begins to question her harsh upbringing, where fierce rivalry is commonplace, as each family member tries to curry favour with Grandleader, the hard-hearted head of the family.

Darkly humorous, with a myriad of magical twists and turns, this inventive novel is a thrilling read.

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