The Swifts

Publisher: Puffin

When a new baby is born into the Swift family, their parents name them by randomly picking a word from the sacred Family Dictionary. The corresponding definition determines the type of person they will become. Tired of being labelled a troublemaker, Shenanigan (noun: tomfoolery, skulduggery, mischief of all varieties) is desperate to escape the constraints of her name to become her own person.

She is looking forward to her first Reunion, a momentous event held every ten years. Swifts from far and wide descend on the House in search of the Hoard, a legendary stash of long-lost treasure hidden by a greedy ancestor, and Shenanigan is determined to be the one to find it. The Reunion is thrown into disarray when the head of the family, Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude, is attacked. Shenanigan and her sisters must work together to identify the would-be killer, but as the body count rises, so does the list of suspects.

This hugely entertaining murder mystery is brimming with dire villains, secret passageways and deadly games of Scrabble. Stylish full-page illustrations provide a witty visual accompaniment to the darkly humorous story, which also explores the complexities of sibling relationships and the importance of forging your own identity.

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